What are the Pros & Cons of Fall and Winter?

Hey guys! It’s Clare! Today I will be doing a collab with The Inquisitive Writer! Jo will be talking about the pros of Fall and cons of Winter. She is going to be the color purple. I will be talking about the cons of Fall and pros of Winter. I will be green. We are doing the pros and cons of places that get the equal amount of each season. Comment down what season you like the most!



What are the pros for Fall?

I think the pros would be drinking pumpkin spice lattes, crocheting hats and scarves (yes, I like to make hats and scarves), and starting to wear sweaters. Other pros being that the leaves turn red, orange, and yellow (which make great pictures), a break from the summer heat especially here in NJ), and that good feeling that snowy weather is coming.

I like drinking pumpkin lattes, too! We don’t share a lot of similarities about the pros of Fall, but everyone has their own reason why they like Fall. 

Agreed! So what are the dreaded cons?

When the leaves fall off the trees, it’s really sad-looking, the temperature drops very cold very quickly, it’s cold out, and you haven’t packed away your summer clothes (which takes a long time).

Ugh! Yeah I hate it when the weather gets too cold.

Okay, let’s move onto Winter! 



The pros of Winter are that you can go sledding, snowy weather, building snowmen, drinking hot cocoa, and taking cool pictures.

Sledding brings up a fresh memory for me… Once I went sledding with a relative on a really steep hill, and when the sled stopped, I flew off and did a back flip!

That’s a really funny story! Glad you didn’t get hurt! Let’s move on to the cons.

The cons of Winter would definitely be chapped lips, dry hands, the temperatures dropping into the negatives, and catching colds and viruses. I get sick mostly during Wintertime.

Winter is still fun, though!

Sure… Well it was fun doing these pros and cons with you!

You too! Bye!

These were the pros and cons of both Fall and Winter! However, everyone has their own reason why they have their own pros and cons of different seasons. See ya guys next time!


Author: Simply Clare

Hey, my name is Clare! I enjoy drawing, making/playing with slime, emojis, and sports! ⚽

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