DIY Washy-Tape Keyboard!

Hey guys! It’s Clare! I’m sorry for not blogging in a while. This blog is going to be about how to Washy-Tape your keyboard! This is an awesome customization tool and it’s very pretty. It can also help you type without looking at keys! I’m also doing a DIY because there aren’t many tutorials on how to do this properly.

First, you’ll need scissors, any small flat tool (I used a cuticle pusher), and washy-tape! Washy-tape is usually hard to find, you can try to look in A.C. Moore or Target. My friend, The Inquisitive Writer, lent me some washy-tape, check out her blog! It’s awesome!


Next, cut off a piece of tape. If you’re washy-taping a letter, cut out a square. However, if you washy-taping a different button, you’ll have to measure it, and cut it out! When you measure it, it doesn’t have to be exact. Just don’t make it too big or too tiny.

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 6.09.27 PM.png

Then, take you flat tool and flatten out the tape so it’s not crinkled. If it’s crinkled, it’ll be slightly annoyed to type with, and it’ll feel a bit strange. Once you’ve flattened it, use your flat tool and tuck the tiny bits of extra tape into the edge of the keys, so it looks neat.

Finally, repeat these steps and washy-tape your keyboard on how many keys you want!WP_20161223_016.jpg

And there’s my tutorial on how to washy-tape and customize your keyboard! Stay tuned for new posts!



Author: Simply Clare

Hey, my name is Clare! I enjoy drawing, making/playing with slime, emojis, and sports! ⚽

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