10 Everyday Essential Lifehacks!

Hey bloggers! It’s Clare! Today I am going to show you 10 essential lifehacks that you will need some point in your life.

Hack #1: Need to film something, but you don’t want to spend money and buy a tripod or holder? You can use a clothing hanger, or a cup!

If you’re lazier, a pants clothing hanger is your go-to item. However, you’ll still need something to hang the hanger on. Simply clip your phone by one of the clips and then hand the clothing hanger somewhere! Wa-lah! A holder for your phone!


If you’re not as lazy, you can take one of those cheap plastic cups at the dollar store, and cut two slits as wide as the width of your phone on opposite sides. Then, place your phone inside the two slits, and then you have a holder/filmer, that you can place anywhere!


(Cut the parts marked with the black lines!)

Hack #2: Popsicle cupcake holder!

During the summertime, isn’t it so annoying when you’re eating a popsicle and it decides to drip onto your new shirt and bathing suit? Have no fear, cupcake wrappers are here! Just stick the popsicle stick inside the wrapper, and anything that drips will drip onto the wrapper, and not onto you!


For me, I use one of the silicone cupcake holder so that the juices don’t soak the cupcake holder and eventually start dripping on me again. If you are using the paper holders, be sure to keep a couple at hand. If you are using a silicone cupcake holder, you a hole and re-use it so you aren’t wasting your money buying more silicone cupcake molds!

(Grandma that didn’t know what a charger was and bought a new iPhone 7 every time her battery died)

Hack #3: If you have a pimple that is ready to pop, d o n ‘ t u s e y o u r f i n g e r s! Instead, wet two Q-Tips with hot water, and pop them with the Q-Tips instead!

You should do this so you don’t infect your pimple anymore than it already is. Pimples have puss inside them, and your fingernails are very dirty, so if you pinch them, the bacteria under your fingernails will get into the pimples and into the puss which will infect your pimple even more. Also, avoid putting makeup on that spot, or it will clog up the pores and make the pimple worse, and bigger!


Hack #4: Instead of those fancy nail aprons, just use liquid latex or Elmer’s school glue! (Or any glue that peels off!)

Worried about messy nail polish and getting it on your fingers and all over your healthy cuticles? Apply some glue or liquid latex around your nails and paint away! This can keep you from using up all your nail polish remover in a day, or spending hours washing your hands!


(It’s also really satisfying to peel off, hehe.)

Hack #5: If you just did your nails, and you need to have it dry as soon as possible, fill up a cup of cold water and dip your nails in there for 3-5 minutes. Your nails will be dry in no time! Another good thing about this is that it will get off any nail polish if you got any on your skin!


Hack #6: Yet another nail polish lifehack. If you’re doing your nails, and you want them to last longer, seal the ends of your nails and avoid painting near your cuticles!

Sealing the ends of your nails will prevent it from chipping at the end, and then soon peeling the polish off your nails!


(Seal your nails where the arrows are!)

Avoid painting on or near your cuticles well help the nail polish stay on. If you paint on your cuticles, it can be easily peeled off.


Hack #7: Do you use lipstick a lot, don’t have a lot of control over it, and hate getting it on your teeth?

If you dislike getting lipstick on your teeth, put your pointer finger in the middle of your lips, close your lips, and pull your finger out. Congratulations, you have gotten off the lipstick that would’ve gotten on your teeth if you didn’t do this hack!

If you have shaky hands and can’t put on lipstick very well, you can use concealer to clean up your lips, and where you messed up!


(Not my picture, credits to whoever)

Hack #8: If you have unscented and tasteless dental floss, you can use it to make marks in your food or nails! You can also use it to cut cake or other foods!


For doing your nails, I recommend using the small sticks that have floss with them instead of using strands of dental floss. However, it’s your choice!


Yes, cake cutting with dental floss is actually a thing.

Hack #9: If you have a candle with one of those hard to reach places, don’t burn yourself doing it! Simply light a spaghetti stick and have the spaghetti do the dirty work!

Screenshot 2017-02-12 at 12.55.15 PM.png

Say bye-bye to you burning yourself while lighting candles!

Hack #10: Last, but certainly not least, some life hacks that are random, but will be very helpful to you!


Of course, don’t do this if you’re at school or somewhere and you’re not allowed to take out your phone. Instead, just have them sign a contract!


Since I do the dishes a lot, I thought this would be very helpful! I’ll definitely have to try this hack sooner or later… I just can’t get the microwave dirty because I REFUSE to clean the microwave.

Hope you guys enjoyed my 10 Everyday Essential Lifehacks! Like, follow, & comment for more of these awesome blogs!

Bye, bloggers! See you next week!




Author: Simply Clare

Hey, my name is Clare! I enjoy drawing, making/playing with slime, emojis, and sports! ⚽

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